Solana NFT Calendar Roundup: An Overview with Helpful Resources

There are a few different NFT calendars that focus specifically on Solana drops. In this roundup, we’ll provide an overview of each one and list helpful resources so you can start collecting NFTs today!

Each NFT calendar provides unique features and benefits for Solana enthusiasts. Be sure to check them out and explore what they have to offer. is a Solana NFT calendar that includes a wide variety of NFTs from different projects built on the Solana blockchain. You can view information about each NFT, including price, quantity, and drop date. In addition, you can filter NFTs by project, category, or even keywords.

According to the website, if you want to submit a listing on their Solana event page or request information, your should send a direct message to on Twitter from your NFT project’s Twitter.

You can also view how rare your Solana NFTs are on the homepage. As of March, 2022, the website lists over 440 collections and upwards of 1.8 million items in their database. The table shows a collection’s floor price, item count, number of holders, and more.


NFT Sol Calendar: Never miss a mint on Solana

The NFT Sol Calendar is a helpful resource for those looking to collect NFTs from the Solana blockchain. This website provides a calendar of NFT drops, as well as a filtering system to help you find the NFTs you’re looking for. NFTs on the NFT Sol Calendar are announced through Twitter, so you can be sure to never miss a mint!

Keeping up with the latest NFTs projects on Solana is easy with the NFT SOLANA Calendar. You can see what Solana NFT projects are coming up and be sure never to miss a Solana project. The listings include information about how many Twitter users follow the account and how many people have joined the project’s Discord, among other data, which is useful to know at a glance.

Users are able to subscribe via email to keep updated. Additionally, you may submit your own Solana drop on the Contact page.


NFT Solana Upcoming NFT Drops

Wondering where to find all the upcoming NFT drops for Solana? has got you covered! This website includes a list of all the upcoming NFT drops, as well as a description of each project and links to their websites. The Solana NFT Drops that you’ll find on the list were created and submitted by members of the community and the team.

What’s great about NFT is that it is constantly updated so you can always be sure you’re getting the latest information. In addition, also has a Twitter account (@nftcalendar) that provides updates on NFT drops and other news in the space. Also be sure to join the NFT calendar Discord community for further involvement.

You can also search drops by other search criteria, like marketplace where the NFTs are for sale. For instance, if you want an nft calendar for OpenSea listings, just go to the calendar and filter by marketplace: OpenSea.

So if you’re looking for a one-stop shop to find all the upcoming NFT drops for Solana, NFT is the website for you!


Solana NFT Calendar – SOL NFTs Today

We’d like to introduce you to the SOL NFT Calendar, a website dedicated solely to Solana NFTs! You’ll find a list of all upcoming NFT releases as well as in-depth information about each on this website.

The SOL NFT Calendar has a great feature similar to other calendars: “Today’s Drops.” This part lists all of the SOL drops happening right now, so you won’t miss out on any important stuff. Another neat feature is the ability to add an event to your google calendar or ical export to keep up with drops you’re interested in.

If you have a Solana drop to share, you can submit the project to SOL NFT Calendar directly on the website. Look for the “Submit Your Project” link. And consider bookmarking the SOL NFT Calendar as a great source of information if you find it useful.


NFT Evening: Solana Upcoming NFT Drops & Events

This website, NFT Evening, is a great resource for those looking to find upcoming events and drops relating to NFTs and Solana. The website includes an event calendar as well as a list of all upcoming NFT drops, not just Solana.

The top row of listings are usually “Featured”, meaning the project collaborators have paid to get prime placement as an advertisement. Once you scroll past these first listings you find the Solana drops that have been submitted free of charge.

The interface makes it simple to check on the project website, Twitter account, Discord community, and find other details related to the drop. Submitting your project is free and relatively simple to do, although paid options exist as well.


MultiChain Calendar: Your #1 NFT Solana Calendar

So you would not have to keep track of upcoming Solana NFT drops, MultiChain provides you with a list of upcoming drops. Keep checking back for the most up-to-date information.

Investing in NFT collections on Solana is a breeze with this handy calendar for NFT projects. You won’t have to worry about forgetting any mint date with the Solana NFT collection. Moreover, the NFT Sol Calendar is the ideal place to promote your awesome NFT collection and get high-quality crypto audience reach. You can list your NFT project on the site by clicking “Get Listed”.


r/SolanaNFT – Upcoming SOL NFTs

r/SolanaNFT is a subreddit devoted to Solana NFTs. Here you’ll find a list of all upcoming NFT drops, as well as in-depth information about each on this website.

While not a calendar per se, this is a great place to go if you’re looking for more detailed information from an active community about an upcoming NFT drop.


Final thoughts

There are many great NFT calendar & Solana resources out there for those looking to find upcoming NFT drops. The ones listed above are just a few of the most popular. Be sure to bookmark your favorites and check back often for the most up-to-date information. And if you have a Solana NFT drop to share, be sure to submit it to one of these great websites. Thanks for reading!

Did we miss your favorite NFT calendar or Solana resource? Let us know. And be sure to follow us on Twitter @nftdropscanner for all the latest news, updates, and drops.

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