NFT Calendar Discord Resources

nft calendar discord

NFTs are all the rage right now, and it can be hard to keep track of all the different options out there. Luckily, we’ve got you covered with this handy NFT calendar Discord resource list! This calendar will help you stay up to date on all the latest NFT offerings so that you can make informed decisions about which ones you want to invest in. Happy hunting!

NFT Calendar Discord Servers

Here are some of the best Discord servers for keeping track of NFTs: Discord

The first NFT event calendar is, which was released on January 15th, 2019. The Non-Fungible Token industry’s first release and event calendar is now live. The website keeps you up to speed on the most noteworthy events and NFT drops in different marketplaces and platforms. They have a discord server to verify drops and keep users informed:

NFT Drops Calendar Discord

This NFT drop calendar consists of past, present, and upcoming NFT drops, which are where NFT art can be purchased directly at the time of its launch, and you are notified of upcoming drops with tweets, discord, and mobile app notifications. Their server:

CNFTCalendar Discord

The first Cardano-specific event calendar, CNFTCalendar, covers the upcoming events and NFT drops on the Cardano blockchain. You can subscribe to their email newsletter for “weekly alpha” on new noteworthy NFT drops to get updates delivered to your inbox. They also run a discord server for Cardano events and news:

Next NFT Drop Discord

Discover the newest NFT releases and hottest NFT drops from a comprehensive list of NFT projects. With Next NFT Drop, traders and collectors have access to information regarding upcoming launches, new Non-Fungible Token releases, and additional information regarding each project. Users can search NFT projects to find the drops they are interested in. Join their community on discord:

Polyrare Discord

Polyrare makes finding new and popular NFT drops specifically on the Polygon blockchain a simple thing. You can join their community to find hidden diamonds in the rough and undiscovered opportunities on the Polygon NFT Calendar. Check out their Discord here:

NFTs Minting Calendar Discord Communities

If you’re looking for communities that focus specifically on minting NFTs and finding coming soon drops here are a few Discord servers you might be interested in:

EpicNFTCalendar advertises their community this way: “The EpicNFTCalendar is a *Free to add* NFT Calendar server that is aims to promote every project to an audience of NFT community members are specialised on different Blockchains (Solana, Cardano, Ethereum, Other). Join us and list your project for free now!”

You can find them here:

Another one from “Daily Updates on NFT drops! Stay up to date on all of the latest Ethereum and Solana NFT drops in one place. Daily pings for Eth and Sol NFT drops. Over 100+ upcoming drops in our database.”

You can join their server here:

Reddit r/NFT Discord

Besides making submissions on the subreddit r/NFT, you can join their Discord for discussions on all topics NFT and interact with other buyers and sellers.

Join r/NFT discord server

Use Discord Bots to add value to your community

Discord bots can add a lot of value to your Discord server. Here are a few of our favorites:

NFT Calendar Discord Bot

In terms of community-driven data, NFT Calendar is one of the most popular sources. You can install their bot on your server to notify your subscribers about upcoming collection launches as soon as they happen. You will need to contact them to get access or see it in action here.

Other NFT Discord Bots

ENRA – “Elrond NFT (auto) Role Assigner – NFT Discord servers can auto assign roles to their members based on how many NFT from a certain collection.”

NFT Whitelist Manager – “WhitelistPy (NFT Whitelist Manager) is a discord bot designed to assist you in gathering wallet addresses for NFT drops.”

Solmate – “The best Solana (Marketplace) utilities, find collections, floors, follow nfts, get wallets ALL IN DISCORD!”

ETH PRICE – “Real time $ETH price bot.”