Fancy Ewe

Fancy Ewe is an NFT collection on the Solana Blockchain consisting of 444 exclusive nfts. They are cool, funny and they love to get in trouble!! Adopting a Fance Ewe is not easy, but you can be the chosen one who can change your and their future forever.

Desert Rebels

Desert Rebels is a new NFT collection with a mission to build a powerful Web-3 community. A brand ready to take over the metaverse. A collection of 350 avatars who act as your membership access to the Club.

Exhibition club

“NFT by Exhibition CLUB” is a new product on the NFT market that provides SANDBOX metaverse users to attend educational exhibitions by our project where they will be able to gain new knowledge in an unusual way for everyone.

Naughty ape clan

We are 4444 apes with utility and DAO (more than 50% of mint and royalities goes to dao)
Multiple utilities for holders
Token reward for staking
V2 generation , breeding
Etc etc we are looking for multiple ways to keep our community and holders entertained

Shirīzu Mecha

4,500 heavily armoured Mechas meticulously built to guard the Gates of Solana.
Locked staking to earn $SMECH with LP funded, you can also purchase Blue-Chip NFT raffles ticket or upgrade your Mecha for higher stake %. Owning a Mecha grants you access to our DAO Laboratory.


Hi everybody, Poodles is a collective of 444 hand-drawn, generative art. Inspired by Doodles.

Lucky Numbers Drop

An original and unique idea in the NFT space This is the first kind of NFT project that combines your lucky number with an exceptional lucky charm to bring you protection, fortune, and good luck.

Meta Robots

Meta Robots is a collection of 333 metaverse residents on Solana blockchain. The whole metaverse will consist of 3 Meta Robots waves of 333 robots each. The last special robot will be drawn among holders. Stake your Meta Robots to to earn daily income in our tokens HMB (Heavy Metal Bucks). The tokens will be used to take part in private mints,

Alpha Puppies

Alpha Puppies is a collection of fun puppies barking on the Solana Blockchain.
They are all randomly generated with attributes and built in ranking.
You should definitely check Alpha Puppies out
If you are looking for quality NFT project, You found right place! You can easily make some money by holding our NFTs.

Astro Bunnies

Astro Bunnies are the brand new addition of the Astro Friends Club. This adorable collecion consists of 300 bunnies with variying rarities. 10 % goes to charity. Verified on both Solsea and Magic Eden. 150 will be released on Solsea, 150 on Magic Eden. Giveaway on our discord lasts until April 1!

pixel babes nft

Pixel Babes Public Mint!!!

2,222 unique babes representing breast cancer awareness on the Solana blockchain. For more info visit:

early bird nft drop

Early Bird NFT drop

Early Bird ticket is the first & scarcest utility NFT drop (250 NFTs) that Record Label DAO is releasing during the funding stages.

What does the Early Bird NFT offer?
– Access to the first stage of the DAO
– Opportunity to participate in DAO events (weekly quizzes, contests, etc.)
– Unlock exclusive Early Bird perks as the project develops
– Everyone who mints will be eligible for our future governance token airdrop!

Bonus! the people who mint a NFT with a Lucky rabbit will get 1 SOL back.

What is Record Label DAO?
We’re building an artist launchpad backed by a decentralized record label that offers Initial Release Offering to the public. We want to offer the opportunity to invest in music. And help artists launch their music career through web3 + web2

What is IRO?
Initial Release Offering basically means that people will be able to acquire royalty percentages of a song before it’s released. Those who purchase % will benefit from the future royalties that song generates from streams & syncs.

Minting details:
Supply: 250
Price: 1 SOL
Date: March 17th
Time: 7pm UTC (public mint) / *6pm UTC (whitelist mint)

*to get access to the whitelist form join our discord & ask for the whitelist channel

The funds raised in the minting will be directed to developing the early stages of the project and will help us to complete our roadmap tasks.