Solanosaurus DAO Mint

555 GIF generated Solanosaurus are ready to stay and chill with all the Dinos from our prehistoric community. Our main goal is to provide ample opportunities to all our fellow DinoDegens to begin and continue their NFT journey down a successful path.

Meta Robots gen 2

Meta Robots gen 2 is a collection of 333 metaverse residents on Solana blockchain. The whole metaverse will consist of 3 Meta Robots waves of 333 robots each. The last special robot will be drawn among holders. Stake your Meta Robots to to earn daily income in our tokens HMB (Heavy Metal Bucks) and trade it for SOL.

KissFlip Degen Coin Flipper

KISSFLIP NFT (keep it super simple) is a degen coin flip, where NFT you, as the holder(s) are the owner(s) of the dApp, a simple 50-50 chance of winning, where we will incur a fee of 3.3%.

Living Dead Teds – Gen 2

The Living Dead Teds is a Solana Integrated, Multiplayer Battle Royale Game Built on Roblox. Currently live, you can play on Desktop, Mobile or Xbox! We host 5 tournaments a week, that’s 5 chances to win SOL, NFTs, WLs and more!

Forest Industry

Forest Industry is a collection of 555 animated cards on the Solana blockchain. All cards will be transferred to the upcoming game to bring it’s own daily income and show their secrets!

Egg Head Friends

100% percent of the royalties will be shared among all the holders of EggHeadFriends NFTs. We will definitely buy back NFTs after launch, the floor price will be more than 5 SOL/NFT. The more reward you’ll get! Additionally you’ll automatically get a ticket for the next generation of eggs, when you own a EggHeadFriends. We have plans to grow this


We are glad to introduce you the NFT collection which was inspired by our dog Oswald Lee. It represents 300 types of real emotions and poses from the life of a Scotch terrier on the Solana blockchain. We have collected them throughout the life of our puppy, and we will be happy to give you a part of this huge universe.There are only 25 wild

Gangsta Gator Girls

The most Gangsta NFT’s on the Solana Blockchain. From the Swamp to the Streets, these Gators are all about getting paper and handling business.

Warriors Cats

220 warriors cats have over 50 different properties and are generated programmatically based on AI , Stake Nft and earn $WTCS


1- All the desicions are Made bye DAO, that because the Billionaire community is the most importante to us.


The Most Interesting Collectible Koalas are an exclusive collection of 694 algorithmically generated NFTs on the Solana Blockchain.

🌳 After every mint we will plant a tree for the koalas! 🐨
❤️ You help us to save our koalas and their forest homes!
✔️ Mint 1️⃣ NFT! Receive 2️⃣ NFTs!

Seven Deadly Sins

Seven Deadly Sins NFT is a collection of 5555 handcrafted works of art one of a kind. The First NFT that represents human sins. Collect all 7 Sins and you will be rewarded.


BeePolis a never ending honey rush. The city consists of 2222 bees NFT working and living happily on Solana Blockchain.

slime nft launch

Slimes NFT Launch

Slimes is a Web 3 brand that’s core mission is to bring the love and joy of Slimes to every person in the world, both physically and digitally. This is our Genesis Collection, the first main launch of the Slime brand. Own a Genesis Slime and be at the center of the Slimeverse. Utility includes token and staking features, access to exclusive giveaways, future Slime drops, and a community wallet that’s funded by Slime branded IP ventures and more.

lost in metaverse season 1 nft drop

Lost in Metaverse: Season 1

1335 lost Apes are preparing for a journey to the center of the Metaverse.

The closer they get to the center, the more their structure changes into something always different.

Lost in Metaverse is a Solana community-oriented project that connects the power of AI with the popular NFT world.

Long Term Project (4 Seasons)
Innovative Rarity System
Free Minting for Holders
Community Oriented
Limited Collection
Season 1