Treasury NFT


Gloomers Free Mint

Our team is fully doxxed with tons of experience in art and NFTs. Our artist @gusfink is an established artist in the real world he owns his own studio and produces things like Toys, Comics, Unique Paintings & other collectables. He’s created video game, apps & written & directed several award winning short flims


The analogy I like to use when discussing my work process is that of formulating a map, a life map. My work represents an endless development of growth, change, balance and emotions that are integral to my personality and my being. In an endless pursuit of color and geometrical strokes I search through unknown possibilities, finding my way, mapping


BeaRex is a Play & Earn Web 3.0 2D-runner. The universe where unique NFT bears collect berries to save the planet from dinosaurs. And earn real money. The game’s total inventory is presented in the form of various NFTs, each one belonging to the player.

Search For Animera

Search For Animera is an openworld NFT game with a collection of 10,000 NFTs based on planetary exploration and the battle between species for Animera – the path to unlimited power.

Mint in 8 weeks, so stay tuned!

The Rich

“The Rich” is a universal discount card for the NFT collections and physical goods. The list of partners constantly expanding. This collection is 9000 NFTs (+1000 rare) on the Ethereum blockchain (ERC721). 250 traits; each card can combine up to 16 different traits. A pre-collection of 1000 NFTs will be released to participate in the whitelist.

Tiny Astro


The Cool Kidz NFT Drop

We are The Cool Kidz, an NFT-powered street crew. To the best of our knowledge we are the first of it’s kind, a world first if you like but this is just scratching at the surface of what we’re building.


5000 Pendejos NFTs roam the solan blockchain and donate grants and scholarships that are given around communities does business.

Savage Dawgs

2222 Savage Dawgs breaks into Solana Swamp. The Origin Collection by Degen Factory — the story begins here.

Vanishing Fops

Vanishing Fops is a luxurious and comfortable ark, with 777 NFT animals, who were exterminated by humans, or have become instinct because of humankind, each of the animals was hand drawn and dressed up in a classically vintage suit, inspired by “Rusty Lakes”

Graviship by Graviless

From the 5 mysterious figures that emerged from the dark vortex, fear, and terror began to be defined more and more clearly as they approached the eyes of the Graviless.

Bored Baby Devil

Bored Baby Devil (BBD) are a collection of 200 NFTs living in the core of the Polygon blockchain. Along with some incredibly rare 1/1s. Our vision is to create an amazing project.


DinoSols is a collection of the dopest, and I mean dopest MFin’ NFTs to roam the Solana Blockchain. 

MekaRim Pre-Sale

MekaRim is a collection of 10,000 generative Meka with hundreds of elements on the Ethereum Blockchain .
Each Meka will become your future avatar in a P2E Game on AlphaVerse
The collection is inspired by The Transformers, Pacificrim & the Japanese Anime Gundam

Lord of Dragons

Lord of Dragons is a classic 3D MMORPG that introduces NFTs, P2E mechanics, and Mobile-friendly, high-quality gameplay to users around the world.

Mecha Infinity Battles

Mecha infinity is a play to earn, and NFT-GameFi ecosystem based on the Ethereum blockchain. Mecha Infinity is a world full of infinite possibilities and explorations. Players can control cute little Mechas to conduct various adventures, competitive freely and ranked match competitive!