How to Verify Your Listing

Basic listings can be verified by adding the NFT Drop Scanner badge and link to your project website. This helps to know that we are talking to the right person by proving you have control over project assets. This will also boost the listing in search, resulting in more eyeballs to your listing.

Your verified listing will show a check mark that stands out in the list of projects and increases trust from users. You can also supply us with an animated gif for the featured image, which definitely draws the eye when scrolling through a big list.

Verified listings are also eligible for paid promotion.

Verified listings receive a badge and support animated images

To get a verified listing:

  1. Submit your event using the online form. If the event already exists on the site, skip to to step #3.
  2. If your submission is approved, you will receive an email with a link to the live listing.
  3. Add a link to your project website linking back to the listing. Alternatively you can add one of the badge images shown below to your site and link it to the event listing.
  4. Email us at (or simply reply to the submission approval email). If you want an animated image, be sure to supply that as well. We’ll check the link/badge and then verify the listing!

NFT Drop Scanner badges

(Note: if your browser forces .WEBP image downloads, try right clicking the link and saving that way.)