Yakuza starts with a collection of 10,000 avatars that give you membership access to The Gang : a corner of the internet where artists, builders, and web3 enthusiasts meet to create a decentralized future. Yakuza holders receive access to exclusive drops, experiences, Yakuza holders Will have special giveaways on our game when it will be on-line,

Chronicles Of Dragonverse

At Dragonverse we are building a community of art and gaming enthusiastics. Holders will be able to Hatch, Breed and Battle their dragons in a P2E game and earn rewards in form of Dragonverse native token.
Story inspired by Game Of Thrones


Doodlegenics is a unique collection of 444 Doodle Bears NFTs Living On The Solana Blockchain. Doodlegenics Is A Community First NFT Project Which Focuses On Education, NFT Treasury, And Playable MetaVerse Experience. Learn Collect, Earn!

Royal Ape Casino

Grab your chance to become a co-owner of a metaverse luxury casino and receive passive income from it!
RAC NFT Holders will receive 50% of royalties from secondary sales and 3.5% out of the total flip volume.

Fab Labs NFT Mint Launch

Fab Labs is a collection of 10,000 Labrador Retriever NFTs—each with their own unique characteristics living on the Ethereum blockchain. Your Fab Labs NFT acts as your exclusive membership to the Fab Labs Community, and gives you exclusive access to member’s only Merch, Meta Drivers metaverse game, upcoming Events, and much more.

Awkward Dragons Public Mint! Awk Awk!

A collection of 4,888 unique non-fungible tokens, comprised of 200+ possible traits, living on the Solana blockchain. We are an NFT gaming project with dope art dragons all hand drawn to look 3D! We have a huge roadmap up ahead that involves all elements of a great NFT project and P2E Games. Building for gamers, by gamers. It’s our mission to


We are glad to introduce you the NFT collection which was inspired by our dog Oswald Lee. It represents 300 types of real emotions and poses from the life of a Scotch terrier on the Solana blockchain. We have collected them throughout the life of our puppy, and we will be happy to give you a part of this huge universe.There are only 25 wild

Living Dead Club

The Living Dead Club is a NFT collection of 8,000 graves that will make up the first cemetery in the Metaverse. Each grave owner will be able to name their grave as well as gain access to more utilization of their grave. Through roadmap activation, the community can gain access to new features and benefits. Visit https://www.ldc-livingdeadclub.com/

Silks Genesis Avatar Collection

Silks is the first P2E metaverse based on the real world of thoroughbred horse racing and a Silks Avatar is your gateway to accessing this unprecedented game, community and experience.

Ronnie Coleman exclusive fitness group NFT

Ronnie Coleman’s The King NFT Series consists of 1,419 limited edition NFT’s which include the King’s 9 most iconic poses over his eight consecutive years as reigning Mr. Olympia.

dracon olympics nft drop

Dracon Olympics

Twitter, discord, website will be created.

Collabs with other projects and interviews will be held with people for the development of the project.

Negotiations will be held with secondary markets.

Launch will be successful.

For the first 40 minters we will give a another NFT.

A special channel will be created for holders.

60,000 UAH will be donated to ukrainian war victims when the mint is successfully realized.

Holders will be determined by taking snapshots for 1 month. Tokens, Free background nfts that can be used on twitter will be created and distributed, wl rights in other projects and free airdrops will be given to the holders.

Phase 2 will be formed. Phase 2 can be minted with the accumulated tokens.

An enhanced roadmap for phase 2 will be released.

Roadmap v1 and roadmap v2 will be continuously improved.