Living Dead Club

The Living Dead Club is a NFT collection of 8,000 graves that will make up the first cemetery in the Metaverse. Each grave owner will be able to name their grave as well as gain access to more utilization of their grave. Through roadmap activation, the community can gain access to new features and benefits. Visit https://www.ldc-livingdeadclub.com/

Witty Rhino Club

Witty Rhino Club is a collectible NFT project centered around community, adventures, surprises, lotteries, and collaborations.

Hunky-Dory Sable Gang

A collection of 9999 members of a nearly extinct race of sables. The Hunky-Dory Sable Gang is on a mission to save their world. It’s a race against time as they form alliances that will ensure their survival. There are 6 sub-species with over 238 distinct characters/ attributes. Each gang member possesses unique magical traits that will aid their

Astro Bunnies

Astro Bunnies are the brand new addition of the Astro Friends Club. This adorable collecion consists of 300 bunnies with variying rarities. 10 % goes to charity. Verified on both Solsea and Magic Eden. 150 will be released on Solsea, 150 on Magic Eden. Giveaway on our discord lasts until April 1!

secret societies nft

Secret Societies NFT

Over the ages, mysterious organizations have shared their secrets with a select few. Today, you have an opportunity to join a modern Secret Society and become a guardian of the secrets yourself.

scotch noblemen nft

Scotch Noblemen

The Scotch Noblemen collection offers an industry refining staking game, securitized tokenomics, and a metaverse-land owning DAO! Earn ERC-20 tokens from yield farm name, then win big, or loose it all by predicting the victor of the highland game!


The Most Interesting Collectible Koalas are an exclusive collection of 694 algorithmically generated NFTs on the Solana Blockchain.

🌳 After every mint we will plant a tree for the koalas! 🐨
❤️ You help us to save our koalas and their forest homes!
✔️ Mint 1️⃣ NFT! Receive 2️⃣ NFTs!

SAGE Anomaly

The groundbreaking 2018 NFT series SAGE Anomaly created by pioneering crypto artist Bård Ionson continues with The Entity, a new chapter in the mysterious chronicle. Merging the worlds of art, technology and science fiction, the CryptoArt series uses artificial intelligence-generated images supported by real-world historical references to present



Completion is an experience dedicated to creating the metaverse movement for transformative art & human development.

We use stunning fractal visualisations in VR that profoundly affect human psychology in terms of stress levels, creativity & empathy.

Completion experiences fuse music, art, technology & science with NFT technology to bring unprecedented opportunities that economically & socially empower the contributing artists, musicians, mental health practitioners and our community.

0xLions nft launch

0xLions V1 NFT Drop

0xLions V1 is a Collection of 6000 Unique Regenerated Lions living on the Ethereum blockchain.

0xLions V1 is not affiliated with Lazy Lions or any other NFT projects.

In a parallel universe, a DNA splicing disease has rapidly spread across the 0xLions private island. More than half of the population has been infected by this DNA splicing disease. Due to the extreme nature of this sickness, the 0xLions have been forced into quarantine. Those infected seem to be experiencing extreme transformations drastically affecting their appearance. Doctors and scientists across the island are intensely researching and heavily experimenting this and have yet to derive a solution…. To be continued.

tinytigers nft image

TinyTigers NFT

TinyTigers is a collection of 3,900 unique, digital NFT collectibles representing the approximately 3,900 tigers left in the wild. With 5% of the initial mint donated to Big Cat Rescue, both community and charity are fostered through ownership.

TinyTigers are stored as ERC-721 tokens on the Ethereum blockchain.