potheads official nft

The Potheads Official NFT

The Potheads Official NFT Collection is a collection of NFTs that was created in order to provide a place for cannabis enthusiasts to come together and share their love. The collection consists of 1,700 NFTs, and new collections and supporting products will be released in the future.

Our roadmap consists of building a strong team, marketing the collection across all social media platforms, buying virtual land, hosting virtual events in the metaverse, building an NFT game, collaborations, and much more!

We’ve put many hours into building this project to where it is today, and look forward to releasing it to the public! We are extremely excited to continue building this amazing community and can’t wait to see what the future holds.

Be sure to check out The Potheads Official NFT Collection for yourself and join us on this journey!

kanemi project nft

Kanemi Project Public Sale

[金美] Kanemi Project is a secret mission to collect 7,777 NFT as an acknowledgment that they are beautiful geishas to help Chiyo & Hana pay off their family’s debt. The geisha work at Yorokobi, which has a variety of nightlife spots. They must mingle to search & gather information in order to find Hana. This information will be used to access various utilities such as Kanemi’s Giveaway, Funding holders project, Kanemi’s Merch, DAO, mint pass for future drops, events & collaborations and many more!

wondergame nft


WonderGame Metaverse is a 3D VR world where players can own land… build kingdoms, trade NFT collectables, shop, host hangouts with friends in their penthouse, game, and more 🔥🔥

Players can even open their own Metaverse Business and make an income within the meta economy! 👌

Complete 3D VR metaverse built on Unity,
Backed by Polygon’s official Gaming Studio,
Doxxed team via Assure DeFi,
In-Metaverse DeFi treasury to earn yield payouts!

Each mint gets these CRAZY bonuses:

FREE Metaverse Penthouse (We will be selling for 2 ETH later – you must HODL to claim)
0.06 ETH price (vs. Public price of 0.2!)
Metaverse Citizen Rights; Voting, Realestate Ownership, Treasury Yield…
Alpha Community Access (with full bragging rights)
Co-Ownership over other metaverse assets like Sandbox, Decentraland, TCG World…

Mint your Metaverse Citizen during pre-sale, and get a FREE 3D Penthouse!! 🚀

attidude nft

Attidude NFT

Attidude is a collection of 10000 cool and diverse men living on Ethereum Blockchain.This is first of its kind project in men NFT space.Each Attidude artwork is unique and a result from 10 traits and 90 attributes.
Attidude is combination of utility and artwork and set to premint whitelist on 03/22/2022 at 9:22(PDT).For more information about project and how to get whitelisted,please visit our website.

from nothing nft

FromNothing.Wtf – the world’s first DAO-driven NFT project where members drive the ecosystem

Nothing is the world’s first DAO-driven NFT project where members drive the ecosystem. Typical NFT projects adopt founder-led narratives but are set up to fail due to weak roadmaps or founder greed and fraud. Enter Nothing, an inventive project with a radically different approach of establishing pure decentralisation from genesis. There is no roadmap, no white paper, no central authority to dictate the project. The community is empowered to build upon a blank canvas. This is the ultimate decentralised community social play. It teases the most critical underlying value driver of an NFT project – the community that forms around and gives value to its projects.



Completion is an experience dedicated to creating the metaverse movement for transformative art & human development.

We use stunning fractal visualisations in VR that profoundly affect human psychology in terms of stress levels, creativity & empathy.

Completion experiences fuse music, art, technology & science with NFT technology to bring unprecedented opportunities that economically & socially empower the contributing artists, musicians, mental health practitioners and our community.

meta pharaohs nft drop

Meta Pharaohs NFT

Meta Pharaohs is a unique collection of 9000 Artworks with Real Cultural significance. Aiming to be the most revolutionary web3 company of 2022 and beyond, Meta Pharaohs are here to dominate the NFT Space and provide enormous long-term value for their community.

hello my meta name is nft

‘HELLO my META name is’ PreSale 20% OFF

‘HELLO my META name is’ is an NFT that will allow you to integrate a name of your choice with unlimited modifications. In addition to being able to modify the blockchain network with the upcoming NFT Cross chain bridge, the NFT will also have several uses in the Metaverse such as Staking.

The collection has 10,000 NFT’s and a living community funded by its NFT project. Finally, an NFT with a real project and a solid team behind it and not just another copy of an existing idea. Your only chance to buy a piece of history and put your name in the Metaverse!

0xLions nft launch

0xLions V1 NFT Drop

0xLions V1 is a Collection of 6000 Unique Regenerated Lions living on the Ethereum blockchain.

0xLions V1 is not affiliated with Lazy Lions or any other NFT projects.

In a parallel universe, a DNA splicing disease has rapidly spread across the 0xLions private island. More than half of the population has been infected by this DNA splicing disease. Due to the extreme nature of this sickness, the 0xLions have been forced into quarantine. Those infected seem to be experiencing extreme transformations drastically affecting their appearance. Doctors and scientists across the island are intensely researching and heavily experimenting this and have yet to derive a solution…. To be continued.

slime nft launch

Slimes NFT Launch

Slimes is a Web 3 brand that’s core mission is to bring the love and joy of Slimes to every person in the world, both physically and digitally. This is our Genesis Collection, the first main launch of the Slime brand. Own a Genesis Slime and be at the center of the Slimeverse. Utility includes token and staking features, access to exclusive giveaways, future Slime drops, and a community wallet that’s funded by Slime branded IP ventures and more.

meta pups club nft mint

Meta Pups Club NFT Drop

Meta Pups Club is an exclusive collection of 5,555 NFTs that provides expanding utility throughout the Metaverse. Each MetaPup is categorized by levels and rarity stored on the Ethereum Blockchain as ERC-721 tokens. Each token provides access to the MetaPark, an exclusive region of the Metaverse allowing all holders to feed, walk, and train their pups. As the pups gain levels, they have chances to win rewards via the Dapp.

lost in metaverse season 1 nft drop

Lost in Metaverse: Season 1

1335 lost Apes are preparing for a journey to the center of the Metaverse.

The closer they get to the center, the more their structure changes into something always different.

Lost in Metaverse is a Solana community-oriented project that connects the power of AI with the popular NFT world.

Long Term Project (4 Seasons)
Innovative Rarity System
Free Minting for Holders
Community Oriented
Limited Collection
Season 1

metaverse houses nft

Metaverse Houses v1.0

“We are 800+ active member community located in Sandbox. We are doing a lot of Events this year but 2023 will be huge bump. We are going to expand our community with selling not only virtual land and tickets. 3d Model of your house is arriving at the floor on form on NFT’S. You can choose your layout, location and neighbour. We gonna build it for you and give you the keys where you can meet up with your friends.
Little Information about us : Unique house that will be build in Metaverse as 1:1 copy of real house. Holders of this NFT is buying a 3Dhouse located in Sandbox around some celebs like Memphis Depay, Sidemans, Dj Mascotta , Dj Debora de Luca , FNC Rekkles and team Alliance. After purchase you will be granted keys to all Events that will happen in 2023. Mega Music festival, Gaming tournaments, Art courses and classes for beginners in Virtual reality.In Metaverse plan we are building six 12 floor buildings and county. You can choose on which place your house will be located then on release you will be granted 1:1 copy of real life house. Choose the future of NFT real estate. You can check real house prices,locations,inventory in sites below.

Official links 👉
FB : https://www.facebook.com/Metaverse-Houses-v10-104790028818272/?ref=pages_you_manage
Twitter : https://twitter.com/MetaHousev1
Instagram : https://www.instagram.com/MetaHousev1/?hl=bg
OpenSea : https://opensea.io/MetaverseHousesv1”

millionaire monkey club nft

Millionaire Monkey Club

The Millionaire Monkey Club (MMC) is a private collection consisting of 10,000 unique digital collectibles – Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs).

All the monkey characters showcase a combination of more than 180+ designed and hand-drawn traits. This work of art is then created by the one-of-a-kind algorithm output making each of the NFTs exclusive and exceptional.

Being a monkey owner or collector gives you an automatic membership to our exclusive community of MMC team and all the proud monkey collectors. Owners and holders get great benefits, rewards and exclusive utilities in $250,000 and more.

Never to forget where we came from, we are grateful in giving back towards the world an amount of $50,000 to a community chosen charity.

Soldier Apes Army nft

Soldier Apes Army

Welcome to the Soldier Apes Army, an army of 10,000 apes ready to protect the Home of the Apes!


Soldier Apes Army represents the confluence of blockchain innovation with an ambitious gaming roadmap. This is not a typical NFT project, instead, it has a bold gameplay plan. To achieve this goal, Soldier Apes Army wants to include the community from the start and provide a route for comments and recommendations concerning the game. In essence, the Apaverse should be conceived as a game created by and for the people who play it. Ultimately, the goal is to develop a 3D isometric gaming environment that is rotatable and zoomable. The visuals will be scalable, allowing gamers with less powerful computers to enjoy a seamless gaming experience. This project aims to establish itself as a pioneer in the P2E Metaverse while fostering a united community sharing the same enthusiastic spirit. A vision for a game where in the future all owners of apes NFT’s can convert their NFT’s into In-game characters and play together.

Soldier Apes Army is intended to be a P2E (play-to-earn) game. The game requires NFTs, which can be purchased on OpenSea and in PreSale. Each NFT entitles the player to participate in the game.


„Home of the Apes“ P2E & PvP Game Beta & Alpha Version

Soldier Ape NFT character and its assets within the game

Whitelist Spot for Token Public Launch (Q3)

Worldwide live events

Monthly Prices from royalties for the Holders

Passive income with your NFT

Breeding function

Total prize pool of $250,000

Make sure to check our roadmap – it’s really amazing and has great utility! You can still get WHITELISTED for PRESALE!




Affordable Virtual Land NFT

Infinity Void – Affordable Virtual Land

We are developing a one of kind metaverse. A metaverse that thrives on a decentralised creator economy. A virtual world which shall be ruled by its community. We are deploying the best team along with the best software like Unreal Engine & AutoCAD to name a few. We are building a platform that is of value and that creates value for others.

Currently, we are organising the land sales of the metaverse.

There is infinity utility for these land parcels. A few of them are as follows-:

1. Entertainment Centers: Casinos, Clubs, Cinemas

2. Commercial Real Estate, Commercial Complexes, Shopping Malls, Corporate Offices

3. Gaming: Racing Tracks, Unknown Battlegrounds, Adventure park etc.

4. Fitness Clubs

We are trying our best to develop an environment that doesn’t limit the creativity of our users. All over the above, the players would be able to earn money by monetising their assets.

Based on size and location, land parcels have been divided into 3 different segments

crypto miners syndicate nft

Crypto Miners Syndicate – Mine ETH & BTC

Crypto Miners Syndicate is a collection of NFTs, that live on Ethereum shadow world. 10k Miners have been algorithmically generated from more than 354 combinations and have been given unique capabilities.

Mint at: www.cryptominerssyn.org

Mine ETH & BTC, play Miners Game, join different syndicates, and conquer the underground blockchain world!

Own a Crypto Miner and dominate the syndicates!

Bored Weird Vitalik Club (BWVC)

Bored Weird Vitalik Club (BWVC)

BWVC is a collection of 10,000 Bored Vitalik Buterin NFTs — unique digital collectibles living on the Ethereum blockchain. Your Bored Vitalik doubles as your Moon Club membership card, and grants access to members-only benefits, the first of which is access to THE MOON BAR. Future areas and perks can be unlocked by the community through roadmap activation.

Dmitriy Buterin, father of Ethereum inventor Vitalik tweeted about us!
Dima.eth – “”Possibly the weirdest pfp project I’ve encountered”” – https://twitter.com/BlockGeekDima/status/1491504705255653376

He’s absolutely right! We have weirdest pfp in the metaverse and our community already love it!

Our plan is to get noticed by famous NFT enthusiasts and the actual crypto universe creator – Vitalik Buterin! Once our mint stage is over we will send BWVC #1 NFT to Vitalik’s wallet!