early bird nft drop

Early Bird NFT drop

Early Bird ticket is the first & scarcest utility NFT drop (250 NFTs) that Record Label DAO is releasing during the funding stages.

What does the Early Bird NFT offer?
– Access to the first stage of the DAO
– Opportunity to participate in DAO events (weekly quizzes, contests, etc.)
– Unlock exclusive Early Bird perks as the project develops
– Everyone who mints will be eligible for our future governance token airdrop!

Bonus! the people who mint a NFT with a Lucky rabbit will get 1 SOL back.

What is Record Label DAO?
We’re building an artist launchpad backed by a decentralized record label that offers Initial Release Offering to the public. We want to offer the opportunity to invest in music. And help artists launch their music career through web3 + web2

What is IRO?
Initial Release Offering basically means that people will be able to acquire royalty percentages of a song before it’s released. Those who purchase % will benefit from the future royalties that song generates from streams & syncs.

Minting details:
Supply: 250
Price: 1 SOL
Date: March 17th
Time: 7pm UTC (public mint) / *6pm UTC (whitelist mint)

*to get access to the whitelist form join our discord & ask for the whitelist channel

The funds raised in the minting will be directed to developing the early stages of the project and will help us to complete our roadmap tasks.

hello my meta name is nft

‘HELLO my META name is’ PreSale 20% OFF

‘HELLO my META name is’ is an NFT that will allow you to integrate a name of your choice with unlimited modifications. In addition to being able to modify the blockchain network with the upcoming NFT Cross chain bridge, the NFT will also have several uses in the Metaverse such as Staking.

The collection has 10,000 NFT’s and a living community funded by its NFT project. Finally, an NFT with a real project and a solid team behind it and not just another copy of an existing idea. Your only chance to buy a piece of history and put your name in the Metaverse!

crypto miners syndicate nft

Crypto Miners Syndicate – Mine ETH & BTC

Crypto Miners Syndicate is a collection of NFTs, that live on Ethereum shadow world. 10k Miners have been algorithmically generated from more than 354 combinations and have been given unique capabilities.

Mint at: www.cryptominerssyn.org

Mine ETH & BTC, play Miners Game, join different syndicates, and conquer the underground blockchain world!

Own a Crypto Miner and dominate the syndicates!