Yakuza starts with a collection of 10,000 avatars that give you membership access to The Gang : a corner of the internet where artists, builders, and web3 enthusiasts meet to create a decentralized future. Yakuza holders receive access to exclusive drops, experiences, Yakuza holders Will have special giveaways on our game when it will be on-line,

The Cool Kidz NFT Drop

We are The Cool Kidz, an NFT-powered street crew. To the best of our knowledge we are the first of it’s kind, a world first if you like but this is just scratching at the surface of what we’re building.

MekaRim Pre-Sale

MekaRim is a collection of 10,000 generative Meka with hundreds of elements on the Ethereum Blockchain .
Each Meka will become your future avatar in a P2E Game on AlphaVerse
The collection is inspired by The Transformers, Pacificrim & the Japanese Anime Gundam


The Official #NFT COLLECTION⛩️ Of The EMOBABY Club🥷 hand drawn collection 🪄of several Anime Anonymous individuals telling their amazing stories✨

Curious APE

The Curious Ape Street Club is unique and randomly generated 3D NFT PFP


YCLUB is a project that builds Mega Yachts in the Metaverse to be chartered and experienced by different brands with revenue share going directly to YCLUB NFT holders. With its first collection of 7,000 NFTs to be released on public market, YCLUB is bringing the highest levels of extravagance to the everyday person so they too can share in the

Claim Free Airdrop in Expeditions

Not all Lands were found during the Trip to The Moon. In order to find some of the remaining Lands, Moon Robots decided to conduct Expeditions. Each Expedition is a weekly opportunity to find Lands up to Legendary using Expedition Equipment.

MarsColony Polygon Public Sape

MarsColony is a colonization framework for meta and web3 society that combines Gamify with NFT ownership, a DeFi-based economy, DAO governance, guilds, and inter-blockchain colonies.

Chronicles Of Dragonverse

At Dragonverse we are building a community of art and gaming enthusiastics. Holders will be able to Hatch, Breed and Battle their dragons in a P2E game and earn rewards in form of Dragonverse native token.
Story inspired by Game Of Thrones

Corgi Mood

The project under the code name “Bone”

Lapix Zero

Join an underground society of rogue scientists constructing NFT mechas for the black market.


Oasis is formed by a group of explorers who advocate freedom creativity,and rebellion against tradition. The next generation of Internet revolution brings us here. We will start from NFT, build an equal and free community and start from here to challenge adventures in unknown areas.


The angels and devils couldn’t afford the rising housing prices in heaven and hell with their wages despite the crazy workloads.


In a world of ongoing distancing and individualism, a new breed has arisen. A breed of big, strong and friendly Giants left their hidden realm to help mankind in the challenges that humanity faces in the year 2022. Step by… Read More »THE FRIENDLY GIANTS

Egypt Guardians Exclusive Launch

🎉Exclusive launching🎉

Egypt Guardians is an NFT collection of 111 Guardians of Egypt .Created by SHOUNA in collaboration with Han .

Your Egypt Guardian unlocks Future areas / Perks / Virtual Games / Events.

Floor Price = 0.002 ($4 only)😍