The Most Interesting Collectible Koalas are an exclusive collection of 694 algorithmically generated NFTs on the Solana Blockchain.

🌳 After every mint we will plant a tree for the koalas! 🐨
❤️ You help us to save our koalas and their forest homes!
✔️ Mint 1️⃣ NFT! Receive 2️⃣ NFTs!

disparate monkeys nft

Disparate Monkey (Presale)

Disparate Monkey (DM) is a collection of 10,000 NFTs on the Polygon blockchain(For fast & low gas experience).Each trait is pixelated drawn & generated by an algorithm to create unique art pieces.

SAGE Anomaly

The groundbreaking 2018 NFT series SAGE Anomaly created by pioneering crypto artist Bård Ionson continues with The Entity, a new chapter in the mysterious chronicle. Merging the worlds of art, technology and science fiction, the CryptoArt series uses artificial intelligence-generated images supported by real-world historical references to present

pixel babes nft

Pixel Babes Public Mint!!!

2,222 unique babes representing breast cancer awareness on the Solana blockchain. For more info visit: www.pixelbabes.io

world of men nft

World of Men

World of Men – 10,000 unique NFT’s artworks of diverse men with amazing built-in utility.

Ownership of the underlying artwork and IP
Original monthly ArtDrops from select NFT artists
Exclusive access to your WoW 4k x 4k file
Curated pre-sales and mint pass for high potential collections vetted by the WOMDAO
Holders-only raffles and discounts
Invite to annual gala for holders and IRL events

otter academy nft


“Collection of 10,000 NFTs of academic otters, minted on the Polygon blockchain.
This is not a CryptoPunk Collection, Either an Bored Ape,
We are also not Ape Mutants, nor do we have invisible friends.
If they’ve put a Shiba Inu on the moon, we’ll put an otter beyond the moon.

Investors Benefit:
Presale: 600 NFT 0.005 ETH”

kanemi project nft

Kanemi Project Public Sale

[金美] Kanemi Project is a secret mission to collect 7,777 NFT as an acknowledgment that they are beautiful geishas to help Chiyo & Hana pay off their family’s debt. The geisha work at Yorokobi, which has a variety of nightlife spots. They must mingle to search & gather information in order to find Hana. This information will be used to access various utilities such as Kanemi’s Giveaway, Funding holders project, Kanemi’s Merch, DAO, mint pass for future drops, events & collaborations and many more!

0xLions nft launch

0xLions V1 NFT Drop

0xLions V1 is a Collection of 6000 Unique Regenerated Lions living on the Ethereum blockchain.

0xLions V1 is not affiliated with Lazy Lions or any other NFT projects.

In a parallel universe, a DNA splicing disease has rapidly spread across the 0xLions private island. More than half of the population has been infected by this DNA splicing disease. Due to the extreme nature of this sickness, the 0xLions have been forced into quarantine. Those infected seem to be experiencing extreme transformations drastically affecting their appearance. Doctors and scientists across the island are intensely researching and heavily experimenting this and have yet to derive a solution…. To be continued.

tinytigers nft image

TinyTigers NFT

TinyTigers is a collection of 3,900 unique, digital NFT collectibles representing the approximately 3,900 tigers left in the wild. With 5% of the initial mint donated to Big Cat Rescue, both community and charity are fostered through ownership.

TinyTigers are stored as ERC-721 tokens on the Ethereum blockchain.

millionaire monkey club nft

Millionaire Monkey Club

The Millionaire Monkey Club (MMC) is a private collection consisting of 10,000 unique digital collectibles – Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs).

All the monkey characters showcase a combination of more than 180+ designed and hand-drawn traits. This work of art is then created by the one-of-a-kind algorithm output making each of the NFTs exclusive and exceptional.

Being a monkey owner or collector gives you an automatic membership to our exclusive community of MMC team and all the proud monkey collectors. Owners and holders get great benefits, rewards and exclusive utilities in $250,000 and more.

Never to forget where we came from, we are grateful in giving back towards the world an amount of $50,000 to a community chosen charity.