United for Ukraine NFT collection

This NFT collection of 1000 pieces has been created exclusively to support the humanitarian crisis in Ukraine. Thanks to the support of 9 large NGOs and Javier Mariscal, this project has been made possible. It is the first time in history that 9 Spanish NGOs are involved in a project like this. 100% of the money raised will go to aid, refugees and

Wicked Wives Club

Meet Wicked Wives, Your Companion to Metaverse the adorable collectible series from PN Labs. Own, play and earn rewards with your companion. Wicked Wives Club is a collection of 9999 diverse, beautiful, and badass wives NFTs by notable artist PeterS. Each stroke was a hand-drawn labour of love that took months of planning to assemble. This is a


Hi everybody, Poodles is a collective of 444 hand-drawn, generative art. Inspired by Doodles.

Milkshake Friends

10,000 hand-drawn collectible, adorable Milkshake Friends with over 160 different traits including rare NFT’s such as Gleaming Gold and Sparkling Diamond milkshakes.


Mad Goblins (MADG) is a collection of 4,500 unique NFTs. They are stored as ERC-721 tokens on the Ethereum blockchain.

Fab Labs NFT Mint Launch

Fab Labs is a collection of 10,000 Labrador Retriever NFTs—each with their own unique characteristics living on the Ethereum blockchain. Your Fab Labs NFT acts as your exclusive membership to the Fab Labs Community, and gives you exclusive access to member’s only Merch, Meta Drivers metaverse game, upcoming Events, and much more.


A Collection of 440, 3D modeled Firearm NFTs in augment reality to be used in a metaverse FPS game.

Ozunu Ninja

This is a unique Ltd. Edition A.I generated NFT Art created by VedShoka Foundation (www.vedshoka.com). this will be forever only one copy in the world, and you can prove it with hash code. This is the modern form of art, which will become the most expensive in history within years! increases the value of your investment.


We are glad to introduce you the NFT collection which was inspired by our dog Oswald Lee. It represents 300 types of real emotions and poses from the life of a Scotch terrier on the Solana blockchain. We have collected them throughout the life of our puppy, and we will be happy to give you a part of this huge universe.There are only 25 wild

Warriors Cats

220 warriors cats have over 50 different properties and are generated programmatically based on AI , Stake Nft and earn $WTCS

Comics Ape Social Club

Comics Ape Social Club is a collection of 5,555 Apes living on the Ethereum Blockchain. In this project we are planning to do a COMMUNITY SAVING program.

Witty Rhino Club

Witty Rhino Club is a collectible NFT project centered around community, adventures, surprises, lotteries, and collaborations.

GENEstory Mint Drop

GENEstory is a collection of 2,000 computer-generated, unique GENE sequences. Each GENE sequence portrays one of five backgrounds, one of three helix’s, and four randomized attributes: hair color, eye color, skin color, and height in inches.
25% To Charity

Alpha Puppies

Alpha Puppies is a collection of fun puppies barking on the Solana Blockchain.
They are all randomly generated with attributes and built in ranking.
You should definitely check Alpha Puppies out
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Hunky-Dory Sable Gang

A collection of 9999 members of a nearly extinct race of sables. The Hunky-Dory Sable Gang is on a mission to save their world. It’s a race against time as they form alliances that will ensure their survival. There are 6 sub-species with over 238 distinct characters/ attributes. Each gang member possesses unique magical traits that will aid their

Delta Operators

War has broken out on the Tezos Mainland, 222 Delta Operators fully geared up and armed to the teeth are actively being deployed to neutralize the situation, give aid and conduct Classified operations! Holders and Whales will receive Royalties payouts every month.

Crypticmonster Collection

Crypticmonster burst out from the rock! Only 9,000 unique NFTs living creatures on the Ethereum blockchain. All art pieces created @ 24px format. Each Holders of NFT will be able to participate in unique events that may continuously increase the rarity of their Crypticmonster over time. Keep an eye on the crypticmonster.io , social media -Twitter, Instagram for news.