Zombie Culture Club

06/22/2022 12:00 am


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Greed, Destruction, Consumption, Ostentatiousness
These words are cheugy now.

We DECLARE a new way of life – A new choice for this planet that you’ve only dreamed of.

Bona fide new breed of mankind that eats, clothes, and thinks differently.

ZCC P&E game is a game that is closely linked to the ZCC universe. It is a strategy offence Play & Earn game that you can enjoy while also making profit.

Starting with a collection of 10,000 Genesis Zombie PFPs, we will launch a P&E game in 3Q, 2022. The ZCC Universe will expand into digital comics, animation, TV Series & Film together with our holders.

This project is Takeone Company’s very first NFT project. Takeone is a rapidly growing all-around content company that develops and publishes games, digital comics, TV Series & Films. We are the creators of the globally beloved mobile game ‘BTS World’, enjoyed by over 15 million fans around the world. We hold the key for ZCC. Our team includes Film Monster, the production company of the No. 1 Netflix series, ‘All of Us Are Dead’. We have also teamed up with Eyescream studio, a leading CGI Animation production company and the creators of ‘Duda & Dada’.

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