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Wonder Secret NFT Club is a new art project born from the fusion of a nostalgic worldview and web3.
The story is about a group of children who are good friends and take on various mysterious incidents that occur in the fictional town of Fortville (FORTVILL). The emphasis is on the story and setting, including nostalgic and mysterious developments.

The collection features 5,555 unique characters. The art we are offering is the complete opposite of the colorful and quirky art of the NFT space, with most of the pieces in grayscale to represent a retro and nostalgic worldview.

We support new nft projects and give back GA spots to the community. WSC holders are eligible to participate in exclusive GiveAway drawings.

Wonder Secret NFT Club DAO
A fair service exclusively for WSC holders, 30% of our mint revenue, 30% of 7.0% secondary royalty we set will be sent to the community wallet. An impartial service means that all holders decide on the service. Therefore, we will allow all WSC NFT holders to vote to determine the direction of the Wonder Secret NFT Club. The Community Wallet is at the discretion of all WSC NFT holders.

The Wonder Secret NFT Club Moderation Team
Moderators are responsible for protecting and growing the most valuable parts of our community. We welcome paid full- and part-time moderators, who will be community management professionals in the NFT space. the WSC moderation team is a community-first initiative.

Wonder Secret NFT Club Comics
From the very beginning of the project, artist Roro’s idea was to publish a comic book. As the story of the comics progresses, the WSC comics will appear in the real world.

Wonder Secret NFT Club Apparel
Low, our project manager, loves fashion, and he had the idea of creating an apparel line for the WSC. The clothes worn by the WSC characters could appear in our real world.

IRL Events
The WSC community is made up of users from many different countries, and we would like to strengthen our bonds with our fellow WSC members by interacting with them in the real world. It is also a great way to expand our circle of community. Social events and exhibitions are being considered for many people to enjoy.

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