Una paloma muriendo

04/07/2022 7:00 pm





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Season 2 of the first NFT show fully released as a collection on Solana. Each NFT corresponds to a unique episode of the animated web series and there will only be one copy of each.

Una paloma muriendo is a project where we make animation shorts (less than one minute long) where a pigeon dies in each. Nothing against the animals themselves! It’s just a random way to illustrate real-life situations and make fun of them, with a critic point of view on society, and usually with a humorous and unexpected final twist. We feel it’s an up-to-date format to let people have fun and at the same time match with our critic point of view.

Each short is unique, but at the same time connected with the others by the same humor, surprising action, and the artistic line that gives us the unparalleled brand and recognition the project has got so far.

This connection makes it possible to group them in seasons, so the people can take the idea of an unlimited Show where every period of time a new short is released. Therefore, shorts can be called “Episodes” although you can watch and understand each one of them separately.

Episodes are hand-drawn, animated, dubbed, scripted and directed by us, the artists. Each one is a single piece we took many hours to work on, and this is why our idea is to make each episode a 1/1 collectible in the Solana blockchain.

Una paloma muriendo started three years ago, as a subproject for a bigger production. We released the first shorts on Instagram and the crowd loved it so much that we started working on it as our main project. Now we want to go one step further with our community, letting them directly collect and digitally own our art pieces while getting access to an owners community with special benefits around the project.

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