The Monks Syndicate

06/07/2022 10:00 am





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The Monks Syndicate is a collection of 10k algorithmically generated Monks living and ruling on the Ethereum underworld. They were once Monks, but now they run the biggest crime syndicate in the Metaverse.

Available now as PFPs with 182 unique visual and skills-based traits and attributes and later as 3D avatars.

These collectible Web3 felons also double as your membership to the Syndicate that comes with a host of benefits and utility.

Perks of owning The Monks :
– Badass PFPs.
– Become a Goodfella aka Syndicate Member.
– Benefit from future collabs and partnerships. (Supply of Goods is not just limited to Mafiaverse, think Mutation Drugs, Wearable Gear, etc.)
– Free or heavily discounted access to future collections by Mafiaverse.
– Exclusive member only Merchandise – both Physical and Virtual.
– Automatic entry into future Airdrops, Giveaways and Raffles by Mafiaverse and other project collabrations.
– HQ in the Metaverse to meet and conduct business.
– Get access to the Mafiaverse Operations Portal.

Pricing :
Presale: 0.07 ETH
Public: 0.09 ETH
Minting Date : 7th June, 2022

About Mafiaverse :
A coalition of crime syndicates all set to rule the Metaverse. Mafiaverse gives you access to the most badass PFPs, Avatars, Mutagens and Contraband for the Metaverse. We aim to provide ongoing value to the community in the long run by launching multiple unique projects and we are starting with our first NFT collection known as “The Monks Syndicate” on the Ethereum blockchain.

Mint & become a Goodfella!

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