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We are The Cool Kidz, an NFT-powered street crew. To the best of our knowledge we are the first of it’s kind, a world first if you like but this is just scratching at the surface of what we’re building.

For NFTs we will radically transform the power balance in favour of the buyer which addresses some of the exploitation & trust issues in evidence today. In fact we will flip the dynamics completely by making the buyer the artist. As a genesis holder with a guaranteed governance token allocation he will not only be a member of the art collective but will help shape the way our IRL guerilla marketing happens. As he learns and advances through the layers of our DAO he will discover both deeper meaning & hidden value which has been embedded in the project from the start. Knowledge that is powerful as well as valuable but, critically, beyond the reach of a speculator, a bot or anyone on the outside of the project.

Understanding how to actively change the art world (which NFTs already started to do) requires a deep knowledge of the history of art. Fortunately this exists within the team. This part is harder to understand for a non-artist but the key idea to hold onto is that the artist of the future is not a person. Andy Warhol himself predicted this and we plan to materialise his vision by exploiting our combined knowledge of art, graffiti, cybersecurity and buyer behaviour driven by a set of well-defined values which will empower an ever-evolving group of people from the ground up. Together we are an eternal non-fungible artist. Yeah, it’s mind blowing if you think too much about it.

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