Space Cadets

04/30/2022 9:00 pm





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Space Cadets is a revolutionary collection of 10,000 mutated astronaut NFTs. Space Cadets will be deployed and function on the Ethereum blockchain. These space-fairing NFTs will initially be available for mint via our website and to trade on Opensea. With more than 350 hand drawn traits, each unique NFT is the key to unlock an incredible community, astronomical utility, and cosmic events, Space Cadets also takes 2% of daily ETH volume and distributes it evenly among addresses which own a Space Cadet!

The Space Cadets team are working closely with blockchains to deploy Space Cadets companion collections on those chains, free to anyone who mints a Space Cadet with a blockchain branded trait.

Would you like to own an NFT which is showcased as a character in a cartoon series? Then join our community to find out how!

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