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Welcome to the Soldier Apes Army, an army of 10,000 apes ready to protect the Home of the Apes!


Soldier Apes Army represents the confluence of blockchain innovation with an ambitious gaming roadmap. This is not a typical NFT project, instead, it has a bold gameplay plan. To achieve this goal, Soldier Apes Army wants to include the community from the start and provide a route for comments and recommendations concerning the game. In essence, the Apaverse should be conceived as a game created by and for the people who play it. Ultimately, the goal is to develop a 3D isometric gaming environment that is rotatable and zoomable. The visuals will be scalable, allowing gamers with less powerful computers to enjoy a seamless gaming experience. This project aims to establish itself as a pioneer in the P2E Metaverse while fostering a united community sharing the same enthusiastic spirit. A vision for a game where in the future all owners of apes NFT’s can convert their NFT’s into In-game characters and play together.

Soldier Apes Army is intended to be a P2E (play-to-earn) game. The game requires NFTs, which can be purchased on OpenSea and in PreSale. Each NFT entitles the player to participate in the game.


„Home of the Apes“ P2E & PvP Game Beta & Alpha Version

Soldier Ape NFT character and its assets within the game

Whitelist Spot for Token Public Launch (Q3)

Worldwide live events

Monthly Prices from royalties for the Holders

Passive income with your NFT

Breeding function

Total prize pool of $250,000

Make sure to check our roadmap – it’s really amazing and has great utility! You can still get WHITELISTED for PRESALE!

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