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The Society Of Sloths (S.O.S) is a fast-paced, growing brand with a collection of 10,000 limited Sloth NFTs. The foundation of S.O.S is set to become a worldwide recognized NFT community with a clear vision of building an exclusive brand image and contributing to a goal-oriented growth.

Our detailed roadmap surpasses any other NFT project. Each objective has been strategically developed to benefit members from the presale to post launch. Our roadmap commitments are dedicated towards adding value to our Sloth members.

The concept of NFT is still relatively new and upcoming. We are the first brand to have adapted and created a unique hybrid approach to communicating with our members. We offer direct 1 on 1 call meetings with Society Members which is fundamental to our brand. We want each S.O.S member to understand the true long-term value in owning a Sloth NFT.

Society Of Sloth maintains a transparent approach with our members. Goals and targets are publicly listed to ensure we are fulfilling our promises. Detailed reports from costs, accomplished goals, website data, merchandise sales will all be published on a monthly basis. Every decision we make is backed up with research or data with our final goal to increase the overall floor price for our Sloth NFT collection.

2022 will be an amazing year for Sloth NFT holders and we are ready to put our roadmap into action.

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