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03/09/2022 4:00 am





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SILVERBACK LEGENDS (SBL) is the newest project of the team, who are deeply involved in the Art, Design & Fashion industry since 2008 and of course KYC VERIFIED! A 3D artist with a plethora of experience working for AAA video games like Black Ops III and Star Wars VR has transformed their vision into reality and a special collection of 7474 unique and 3D NFT art pieces were born. Their community comes first and as get to know this project you can’t help but to fall in love with what’s ahead.
Shortly after the initial drop, the team will be launching a FREE (for holders) SECOND FEMALE COLLECTION. There will of course be special benefits and perks unlocked to those who hold both a male & female NFT.
Another HUGEUTILITY for holders is the MONTHLY DRAW to win 50% of the past 30 days secondary-market sales royalties.
On top of pledging to donate $100,000 to a gorillas CHARITY or foundation selected by their members, Silverback Legends is committed to support, invest, reward, and collaborate with the best projects and project ideas of their holders.
If that’s all not enough to catch your attention, there is more…
Silverback Legends surges forward with deep METAVERSE UTILITY in store for their holders. A diverse ecosystem full of entertainment, social events, merchandise and more awaits.
In the Metaverse all holders will be able to enter and explore the open world and have access to all resources to build shops and open up businesses and grow their passive income, on top with some in-game NFTS that will also be able to be received in IRL.
Gradually Silverback Legends will have more items accessible such as cars, outfits, special pets – the SBL Planet will never stop growing, yet will keep the level of an exclusive circle. SBL will have special access available for NFT society members from Bored Ape Yacht Club, Mutant Ape Yacht Club & HapeBeast Gang members to be able to not only connect with SBL holders, but also to carry the benefits like SBL NFT holders.
Silverback Legends has very limited whitelist spots available. Check out their social media profiles and join their Discord to get an exclusive whitelist spot.

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