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The path towards finding worth and meaning involves breaking out of the monotony of our daily lives – in fact, it is a crucial part of this path towards the meaning of one’s life.

Whether we are in the Web3 world or the real world, we all go through this process in one form or another, and we want to provide a space where we can empower each other.

Your journey begins here – with a collection of 8190 avatars from the world of Shikigai. Together this is the start of building a world bigger than ourselves. A world unraveled by the community through lore, live events, physical & digital deliverables and more.

Shikigai was built in 0000 by the 0x0s, the first of the new world. At its foundation, 0x0s created Axioms for the rest of the population, 0x1s, to abide by. This insured the necessary order the 0x0s needed to construct a utopian society.

Shikigai consists of the three major districts of Ichiro, Jiro and Saburo, which centers around Furusato, the last cherry blossom tree.
Welcome again to our wonderful world.

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