Roxies NFT phase 2

04/05/2022 12:00 am





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Roxies NFT is the picture collection of strong, independent and mysterious persons. The minimalistic arts drawn in clean line art style. Each new art explores how something more can be created with limited means. Lines produce vivid images, images form thoughts. These pictures are woven into blockchain to show their involvement in the novel and unexplored Cryptoworld. And you buy it. On OpenSea.
Roxies NFT is the modern view at NFT modern trends through the prism of minimalism with a tiny drop of psychedelics and phantasy.
Each Roxy has six traits: origin, vision, vibe, ability, grin, generation. The bottom line is that Roxy defines the traits, not the desire, of an artist or marketer. And it always remains a mystery what will happen next. Will next Roxy be a child of Streets or Skyscrapers? Maybe Wavesong or Emberlands? How impenetrable will Roxy’s grin be? Is everything okay with the vision? What kind of vibe follows Roxy on the heels?
First Roxies from Gen. 2 now available on OpenSea for 0.01 ETH. Gen. 2 will contain 900 Roxies. Gen. 1 Roxies (1-99) are already available on OpenSea with a minimum price of 0.06 ETH.

Project timeline:
1) March 4, 2022 – Release date – The first part of the First Roxies NFT Generation is published on OpenSea.
2) March 31, 2022 – Full release of the First Generation – All 99 Roxies from the Gen. 1 are listed on OpenSea.
3) April 1, 2022 – First sale – Not a joke!
4) April, 2022 (we’re here) – Second Generation – First Roxies from the Second Generation are listed on OpenSea. Gen. 2 will be larger than the Gen. 1.
5) Spring/Summer, 2022 – Giveaways!
6) Summer, 2022 – Gen. 2 full release – The Second Generation of Roxies will be fully released.
7) 2022+ Bright future!

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