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The Pica Lions is a Post-modern collection consisting of 8,000 (1/1) Cubistic NFTs living on the Polygon blockchain with 100+ unique, crazy Traits :)
We’ve found many similarities between the cubism movement and the blockchain, both form and concept. THEY’RE SO MUCH ALIKE when you think about them; perspective is decentralized in cubism too! And everything is made from geometric blocks of colors. Also, It was funny that Picasso was obsessed with lions! So we decided to use lazy lions as a drawing reference and then re-draw them with Picasso’s cubistic technique; we can say with NO MODESTY that our project is one of the first of its kind that genuinely merged NFTs into art history.
Picalions is A community-driven project featuring art by CiCK (The artist behind Fake Banksy Punks, DISOBEYPUNKS, Punkedups, and ElonMonst).

Reveal-Date: April 27
Pre-Sale Mint Price: 1 Matic Only!

Discord: https://discord.com/invite/NZuNTcguW6
Twitter: https://twitter.com/CiCKartworks
Medium: https://medium.com/@cickartworks/what-if-picasso-draw-lazy-lions-in-2022-48073bcd125f
Telegram: https://t.me/iamcick

Artist Bio:
CiCK is a crypto-artist who makes conceptual artworks on NFTs
Hi there:) I’m CiCK, A crypto-artist working only on NFTs and the lead artist/dev behind this project. I have the vision to build one of the first “Artist Oriented” NFT projects, so all of my collections are pointed to one singular strong project/community.
My goal is to see my artworks in big Art auctions like Christie’s and Satabys in like five years, so if you own anything from my paintings will be worth as much as my other artworks, like all famous artists in art history.
I’ve quit my previous job as a Film-maker and devoted my full time working on this project; I even built my team from my investors, and everything is Decentralized to the bone in my project.
My lovely team is now more than ten people working 24/7 for the project and getting their income from my NFTs (you can join our team too if you’re interested, every help is appreciated). But you should know that the thing we’re working on is not a sprint at all! It’s a bloody challenging marathon, and the future is not predictable! So I don’t want to manipulate you by giving fake promises that my goals will happen 100%, but I’m doing my best to reach that goal. As my community has known me so far, I’m not a give-up type of person, I’m putting blood into this project, and I believe good work always leads to success.

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