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06/15/2022 1:00 pm





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In collaboration with Cominted Labs, we’ve launched the world’s first pet brand native to the metaverse. Meet the Petaverse NFT Genesis Collection — custom 3D pets made by world-class designers.

Just upload a few pictures of your furry friend, and we’ll create a virtual avatar of your pet, wholly owned by you.

Our world-class 3D designers and animators will design each MetaPaw NFT based on user-submitted photos of their pets. Bring your pet with you into the Metaverse with a custom 1/1 MetaPaw NFT.

On, users can quickly adopt their very own MetaPaw. You can either mint an NFT version of your real pet or adopt the pet of your dreams!

On June 14th, we will launch 100 MetaPaws as the first of three launches planned for the year. A series of games, apps, and experiences are in development to let you interact with your pet and the first virtual pet park in Decentraland!

MetaPaws will be…

Digital companions in the Metaverse
Interoperable with different Metaverse platforms
Eligible for boosted rewards in the Petaverse game
Customizable with Petaverse accessories
See you in the Petaverse!

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