Pagesas Random

05/21/2022 12:00 am





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2,000 unique and randomly graffiti-style generated digital collectibles living on Ethereum blockchain, created by the Ibiza-based street artist Zsar San and Ibiza Token to pay tribute to the Ibizan peasant woman, an iconic character representing the more authentic image of the island, the one connected to the traditions and rural world.
Minting a Pagesa guarantees owners to use one of the most emblematic graffiti artworks covering Ibiza’s streets as an NFT membership card to enjoy island-wide perks, discounts, and promotions across Ibiza’s tourism establishments and retails.
Pagesas Random is made up of different backgrounds, accessories, colors, and textures that will be randomly chosen by an algorithm. Pagesas can also be used as a membership booster by Podenks collection owners, gaining additional benefits.
See you in Ibiza!

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