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02/28/2022 7:00 pm





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We are 800+ active member community located in Sandbox. We are doing a lot of Events this year but 2023 will be huge bump. We are going to expand our community with selling not only virtual land and tickets. 3d Model of your house is arriving at the floor on form on NFT’S. You can choose your layout, location and neighbour. We gonna build it for you and give you the keys where you can meet up with your friends.
Little Information about us : Unique house that will be build in Metaverse as 1:1 copy of real house. Holders of this NFT is buying a 3Dhouse located in Sandbox around some celebs like Memphis Depay, Sidemans, Dj Mascotta , Dj Debora de Luca , FNC Rekkles and team Alliance. After purchase you will be granted keys to all Events that will happen in 2023. Mega Music festival, Gaming tournaments, Art courses and classes for beginners in Virtual reality.In Metaverse plan we are building six 12 floor buildings and county. You can choose on which place your house will be located then on release you will be granted 1:1 copy of real life house. Choose the future of NFT real estate. You can check real house prices, locations, inventory in sites below.

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