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04/20/2022 12:00 am





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Be the Creator of your biggest dreams through the utilities and benefits of our unique selections of 10,000 NFTs.

We give you the network, the tools and the space to develop, you just need to bring your curiosity and enthusiasm for Web 3.0.

Financial education is the foundation for success in life. We start by teaching our members about the basics, like what an asset or passive income is, which assets are truly productive towards your goals or how to get passive incomes. After these lessons are complete, we can focus more heavily on reading graphs so people can learn about bull runs or bearish cycles before they happen.

We are here to teach people how to be successful. Hence, our members follow a learning cycle enhanced by the meta world we’ve created with 10.000 3D steampunk characters.

Metasynergy is the latest place to discover new passions, learn more skills, create or run businesses more effectively. Be it an investor, crypto enthusiast, entrepreneur, or NFT expert, we invite you to put your skills to test while playing our game. // you are invited to explore a new world with Metasynergy.

Gain access to an elite community of influencers & entrepreneurs, and become a savvy investor or entrepreneur!

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