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05/16/2022 12:00 am





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I wanted to take a moment to outline where we are as a project and what we’re working on.

Art: The Martian art is all drawn up as far as layers. I am working on adding more and more content since we have some time before launch to increase the diversity of the collection and provide some really cool Martian variety. Since I’m still drawing stuff up, that means I am open to ideas for possible traits! I cant tell you all what I already have, that would spoil the surprise, but feel free to post some ideas and if I can include them Ill do my best to draw them up and add them.

Social media/Discord: I am working hard to get more people to join the Martian Madness team. Coming from virtually no following on Twitter means I have very little reach. But we will get there! Just going to take some time and I really appreciate you all be patient. If anyone has any thoughts or ideas on how to get some more reach, I would welcome them.

Website: Our website is currently under construction and not too far from complete. However, we intend to keep the website on the downlow until close to launch to protect our community from potential scammers with copycat sites. @moon12b and @gam.eth are working hard to get the site looking great and fully functional.

All in all, we could be a month or so out from launching. Please don’t let that discourage you from being active in the community. The stronger we are at launch the better this project will be. We will be on the lookout for those who display community leadership for potential roles on the team.

Lastly, I want to thank every one of you who is here EARLY! This support is tremendous and is going to set the foundation for what we are as a community.

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