Lonely Dogs NFT Drop

Lonely Dogs NFT Drop
03/10/2022 9:00 pm





Mint price:

1.5 SOL

Total supply:


According to statistics of 2021, more than 5,500 dogs suffer from lack of space in shelters every day in the USA alone and how many are there all over the planet? In order to help the dogs in the Old world’ it was decided to send 5,500 Lonely Dogs to the metaverse so that they could find their owners and help to solve the problem in the Old world. Together with the Lonely Dogs community we will be able to implement an application for donations with the HelPPets token in all animal care organizations in the world.

Collection consists of 5,500 unique NFT arts.

When will the official mint take place?
Lonely Dogs pre-sale will take place Thursday Mar 10th 8:00pm UTC, public sale will take place 9:00pm UTC.

Presale price is 1.3 SOL, public sale price – 1.5 SOL.

Does Lonely Dogs have a Whitelist?
Yes, there is a Whitelist, the most active members of the community will get into it. There are 750 spots on the Whitelist.

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