KissFlip Degen Coin Flipper

05/08/2022 12:00 am





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KISSFLIP NFT (keep it super simple) is a degen coin flip, where NFT you, as the holder(s) are the owner(s) of the dApp, a simple 50-50 chance of winning, where we will incur a fee of 3.3%.

From that earnings, the holders are entitled to 60% of earnings distributed weekly to your wallet. Think of this as your passive income machine.

Moreover, there are only 200 in existance, all NFT are the same but 6, these 6 will entitled special role on our community.

Only invest in things that make sense for you. If you think KissFlip made sense , you should invest in us, If we dont make sense then you shouldnt.

We will launch our dApp on July 2022, as of right now, it is on fine tuning process

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