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02/14/2022 12:00 pm





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We are developing a one of kind metaverse. A metaverse that thrives on a decentralised creator economy. A virtual world which shall be ruled by its community. We are deploying the best team along with the best software like Unreal Engine & AutoCAD to name a few. We are building a platform that is of value and that creates value for others.

Currently, we are organising the land sales of the metaverse.

There is infinity utility for these land parcels. A few of them are as follows-:

1. Entertainment Centers: Casinos, Clubs, Cinemas

2. Commercial Real Estate, Commercial Complexes, Shopping Malls, Corporate Offices

3. Gaming: Racing Tracks, Unknown Battlegrounds, Adventure park etc.

4. Fitness Clubs

We are trying our best to develop an environment that doesn’t limit the creativity of our users. All over the above, the players would be able to earn money by monetising their assets.

Based on size and location, land parcels have been divided into 3 different segments

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