Hunky-Dory Sable Gang

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A collection of 9999 members of a nearly extinct race of sables. The Hunky-Dory Sable Gang is on a mission to save their world. It’s a race against time as they form alliances that will ensure their survival. There are 6 sub-species with over 238 distinct characters/ attributes. Each gang member possesses unique magical traits that will aid their fight for survival. Join these gang members on their quest and help tell their stories. They have meticulously kept record of all their travels and travails. In their possession are scrolls that will be bequeathed to you as you acquire them. Guard these scrolls with care, for it contains a tale of their journey so far. Will you help save their world?
Holders of the Hunky-Dory NFT stand to win 10 x $500 on project sellout.
Holders will be automatically airdropped a children’s illustrated book slated to be released on September 2022.
Proceeds from the NFT will be used to sponsor underprivileged kids through education, and skills acquisition. A portion will go towards children’s healthcare research.
More information maybe found at the jojoblarts website:

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