Grand Ivory Mahjong Minting

grand ivory mahjong nft minting
02/18/2022 10:00 am





Mint price:

0.035 ETH

Total supply:



144 Unique Tiles!
Floor Price: 0.035 ETH
Mint Date: February 18, 2022

The Grand Ivory Mahjong series gracefully showcases the classic mahjong set. They are designed together with cultural heritage as themes of Ancient China well as Asian art and legacy throughout time itself.

The first batch supply of 144 will be divided into 4 drops of 36 just like how a full mahjong set has 4 of each tile. After every drop we will be holding surprises for everyone:

Ivory Holders Benefits

  • Lottery entry for a chance to win free exclusive nfts and CASH prizes
  • The chance to decide the theme for the next 1/4 set
  • Get a chance to be part of our Masters’ Table event.
  • Constant access to future Masters’ Table Events

What is Master’s Table?
Every drop we will be randomly selecting 1 lucky victor among Grand Ivory Mahjong holders and he or she can participate in an actual Mahjong game on a set date with the 3 other victors. By the time the 4th drop ends, we will be having a Masters’ Table Mahjong match for the 4 victors for a grand prize of:

  • Your very own Customized Grand Ivory Mahjong NFT
  • 10% share of total sales!

What is a Dragon Whitelist?
In order to be eligible for our lottery, you need to Mint a Grand Ivory Mahjong NFT this grants you 1 lotto slot for our NFT giveaways and cash prizes. To increase your chances, be a dragon!

Dragons can:

  • Mint for cheaper! 0.03 ETH instead of 0.035 ETH
  • Get a chance to be part of our lottery for CASH & FREE NFT
  • One step closer for a slot to win in the Masters’ Table event
  • Higher Chances of winning. (3x more chance then regular minters)

What’s next?
Grand Ivory Mahjong NFT will continue to mint by batches of 36 with themes depending on the requests of the community! You all matter! Holders are considered constant lottery participants with random prizes in store!

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