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Our team is fully doxxed with tons of experience in art and NFTs. Our artist @gusfink is an established artist in the real world he owns his own studio and produces things like Toys, Comics, Unique Paintings & other collectables. He’s created video game, apps & written & directed several award winning short flims

What is Bloom Glooms VS Doom Glooms? When you entered discord you choose what side you wanted to fight for! Every week we will be hosting various events where its Doom Glooms vs Bloom Glooms! The first one is our twitter event! Bloom Glooms will use #BLOOM & Doom Glooms will use #DOOM whatever side can get more twitter engagement will win. We will raffle 1 Alien Fren Genesis to the winning side!! Start blowing up twitter!

How to play?
Dooms will be battling against Blooms on twitter to see who can get the most engagement! Bloom Glooms will use #BLOOM & Doom Glooms will use #DOOM! It’s important you use the # because that’s how we track the engagement. You can do anything from posting about the project or commenting on various posts (in a respectful way) At the end of the week whichever team has more engagement will win and we will raffle off the Alien Fren to that team on discord! 🍄

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