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The only NFT collection backed by a regulated Financial Institution.

Staches-NFT is Soakmont’s official utility-packed NFT that gives a maximum of 10,000 holders exclusive ways to earn, save, and access unbeatable DeFi and real world opportunities. Don’t miss your chance to own a Stache and grow your stash.

The exclusive, limited Staches-NFT collection sets a new benchmark in quality and utility that all future NFT projects will be compared to – don’t miss out on your chance to own a Stache and grow your stash.

So, you want to be one of the select few who can proudly boast they own a Staches-NFT, that means after our mint you can tell people that your Staches-NFT has:

Exquisite unique artwork
A rarity score based on a randomly generated properties
Access to an unrivaled range of utility (detailed below)
And following mint, on reveal there are two incredible one-time-only offers:

Will you get a Soaked Stache? There are only 10 of these in the entire collection and each one will see the holder receive a $10,000 reward.

Check your properties carefully, if your Staches-NFT has a yacht background, then congratulations! This is your ticket to a one-of-a-kind yacht party. There are only 25 of these super rare Staches – will you be lucky enough to get one?
Finally, get ready to find out just how golden holding is and meet the rarely seen GoldenStache – this exclusive NFT will be given to anyone who holds 10 or more Staches and unlocks even more benefits for holders…

There’s still more. Much more. Let’s take a look at the amazing utility you get with your Staches-NFT

Staches-NFT represents a step change for the NFT space. As well as providing the elements you would expect from high quality NFTs – exquisite artwork and rarity – Staches-NFT goes way beyond and adds a range of unbeatable real world utility and incredible benefits across the revolutionary products offered by the Soakmont Group.

On top of this, Staches-NFT is the only NFT that is backed by a regulated financial institution – Atlantic Trust Company.

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