Flower Fam NFT

05/22/2022 12:00 am





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The Flower Fam takes a different approach from the usual NFT roadmaps.

We don’t believe in the classic way of doing roadmaps. Instead, we focus on creating something that truly adds value and offers utility right from the start.

Building the Oasis Ecosystem V1
Establishing the Flower Fam DAO

We’d like to put more action behind fewer words.

Providing you with an Ecosystem that can soon live a life of its own.

The Oasis Ecosystem will be live from Day 1, the mint day.

Then we will establish our DAO of holders. This ensures a collaborative, community-driven approach to shape the future of the Flower Fam together.

With the community’s interests in mind, we will then launch new collections, offer more utilities for $honeycoin and expand the space for our community to connect on.

But for now…

Let’s focus on what’s ahead first.

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