Elite Ape Planet Mint Date

elite ape planet nft mint
03/05/2022 9:00 pm





Mint price:

0.6 SOL

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We are the Elite Ape Planet. A collection of 1500 apes, all hand-drawn. Our collection has more than 200 attributes, and we tried to make our attributes different from other collections. We did not want to be just a jpegs. So our strategy is to build a freelancing site to help Solana’s nft space and distribute its profits between holders. We have tried not to be an overnight project, and over time we have built our community and improved our art.

Just having a great idea for an NFT collection is great, but not enough. Our tech team is working on a NFT generating website. This project not only helps you to mine your NFTs but also connects you with NFT professionals under a freelancing platform who can help you to make a great NFT project on your own. The great news is that this website will be fully accessible for our holders and we will distribute its profits between holders. Others can use our project’s token and other types of cryptocurrency as payment on this website.

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