Drakoids NFT Mint Day

drakoids nft mint day
03/04/2022 9:00 am





Mint price:

0.1 ETH

Total supply:


Drakoids are launching on march 4th, 2022!

Public mint price set at 0.1 ETH.

About us:

Drakoids is a collection of 5,555 highly weaponized and armored mechanical dragons. Our NFT hopes to be one of the first collections to provide vote-based interactive storytelling through an innovative manga and subsequent adaptations of media.

There are over 240 million possible combinations of these Drakoids but only 5,555 are curated for holding.

Roadmap from here:

Phase two: launch (march 4th, 2022)

We will rollout all 5,555 of our series 01 (model a) drakoids onto the ethereum blockchain. The collection will be available on opensea.

Phase three

Series 02 (b models) 1/1 NFT

The current set of NFTs are generated and curated meticulously but only a handful of them are 1/1. We plan on releasing a limited set of Drakoids in the future that are entirely unique, exceeding no further than 150 in quantity and available first, by lottery, to series 01 holders.

Phase four

Drakoid NFT game

Could we really call Drakoids a real Metaverse without something to host these wonderful 3d models? We are currently co-developing an NFT game where you can use your Drakoids in battle with others! This game will be playable to both NFT and Non-NFT holders but with special perks and prestige upgrades for those who own a Drakoid.

The Drakoids Manga (title TBA)

Our Metaverse will take off on its wings with an innovative monthly manga, where our holders vote on where the storyline goes.


We want you to be able to build your own drakoid! So during phase four, we will open up a process whereby you can create your own drakoid using the many traits we will have to offer you, minted straight to our official drakoid smart contract.

Phase five: seasonal drops

We will continue to expand the drakoid metaverse with more and more releases of models and variant traits for the public.

A new beast enters

We are inspired by a large host of different genres, styles, and cultures. Dragons aren’t the only beast we’d love to armor up. When we feel that we’ve made an appropriate amount of drakoids, we’re planning on exploring other types of creatures for an entirely new collection!

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