Def Squad GenEsis Collection

05/06/2022 11:00 pm





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Def Squad is entering the Metaverse with our GenEsis Collection of Decentraland wearables. Bringing back the iconic Def Squad Varsity Jacket and Snapback Hat. The Def Squad Metaverse Jacket will only be available in the Decentraland Metaverse and will come with continuous rewards and perks for the holders of these limited edition wearable NFTs. Special rewards will be unlocked for holders of all five color variations of The Def Squad Metaverse Jackets at certain snapshot dates. The first snapshot will take place near the end of June 2022 and holders of the Def Squad Metaverse Jacket will receive a free airdrop of the Def Squad Metaverse Snapback hat, including the first ever Decentraland Fade, to add to their new gear collection.

This is the premiere Metaverse collection of Def Squad Entertainment’s founder, “The Green-Eyed Bandit”, Erick Sermon. Never released Green, Blue, Red logo variants will now be available! Plus, the introduction of the Pink Def Squad Varsity Jacket! Show off your Def Squad color! Get your hands on one of these limited edition NFT Metaverse wearables before they sell out!

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