Crypto SolBots Gen2

05/27/2022 4:00 pm





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3333 advanced SolBots coming and starting The SolBots DAO. 100% Community driven by real degens and Collectors.
Team is Doxxed and active inside the Community
·Phase 1·
Free Mint of Generation 1.0
– Community building-
Bringing the Community together with Events, Games
Listing Gen1.0 on secondary Markets
Gen 1.0 Holder Verification
​·Phase 2·
Preparing Gen2
Start Burning phase and AirDrop Gen2 Tokens
Collaborate with other Projects
Listing Gen2 on Upcoming Drop Sites
Launching Website
​​·Phase 3·
Minting Generation 2
OG/Mint Token Airdrops
Holder Verification Gen2
Listing on secondary Markets
SolBots Rarity Discord Bot
​·Phase 4·
Starting the BotGang DAO
Open DAO Wallet
Giveaways, AirDrops for Holders
Start Community votings for future activities
Marketing Kampeign SolBots DAO
NFT&Whitelist Raffles for DAO Members

We never Stop building – Join us now!

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