Covatar NFT – Zodiac Mermaids: Limited Edition Collection

04/08/2022 12:00 am





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“Kripton, is the creative director from Covatar, has always been obsessed with mermaids. I guess we can connect his nickname to another hero in the same universe? We’ll never know for sure until he tells us why.

Anyway, he took one step further and put together two of his obsessions, mermaids, and illustrations, and turned them into one spicy NFT collection. Each mermaid is unique in its own way that they are drawn, different background, and color treatment.

Become an owner of one of the Kripton’s girls. This is a limited collection of 12 mermaids dedicated to each Zodiac sign. Claim yours while it’s available.

You can participate and influence future items of this and other collections by joining our community on Discord. We also run cool giveaways, drop unique member-only NFTs and reward our most active members with merch and NFTs by our artists.”

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