Covatar NFT – The “Save Ukraine” Project by Covatar

04/07/2022 12:00 am





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“Ukraine has a rich and diverse culture. Ukrainians are the most welcoming, peaceful, and open-minded nation. But all of that now is hidden by the darkness of the war and the displacement of the people from their homeland.

As artists and fellow human beings, we at COVATAR have created a series of NFTs that commemorate and highlight the beauty of Ukraine. It is also our way of calling for peace in the country. We take inspiration from the beauty and the strength of the hearts of the Ukrainian people. Our goal is to incite hope and unity during these trying times.

Each NFT in this collection is handcrafted, and there will be a very limited number of them available. All sales proceeds will go to the Ukrainian government and non-profit organizations that are helping refugees and working hard during the war. More unique artworks will be added soon.

Learn more about the project here:”

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