Covatar NFT – The Multiverse of Shapes by Irsch

04/05/2022 12:00 am





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“Irsch loves working with shapes, abstract elements, vivid colors, and patterns. Whenever she creates new illustrations, comics, promotional materials, or (literally) anything else – this always turns into a piece of art. She just can’t help it.

During the draft stage, she gets wild ideas that people don’t get to see in the final artwork. But these random combinations of shapes and patterns accompanied by vivid colors always end up (thankfully) as artworks. She’s happy to share this collection of things that nobody has ever seen before and let collectors own this unique one-of-a-kind art.

And yes, each artwork is drawn by hand. Why do you need algorithms when such beauty can be created by a brain with limitless potential?

You can participate and influence future items of this and other collections by joining our community on Discord. We also run cool giveaways, drop unique member-only NFTs and reward our most active members with merch and NFTs by our artists.”

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