Covatar NFT – Feline F-Arts

04/04/2022 12:00 am





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“Nastasian is an artist from Covatar who was basically raised by cats. She knows their shit better than any felinologist. While she decided not to pursue her career in science, her knowledge of felines got really handy when she started being a professional artist.

While working in the Covatar team, she managed to put her passion (cats) and profession to use and started creating unique artworks of people and animals called F-arts. Each artwork complements the natural ugliness of the object and highlights its unimportant features.

This collection is dedicated to those who raised Nastasian and will include more different species of felines caught in stupid situations. Sounds fun, right?

You can participate and influence future items of this and other collections by joining our community on Discord. We also run cool giveaways, drop unique member-only NFTs, and reward our most active members with merch and NFTs by our artists.”

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