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The project under the code name “Bone”

This is a project that will let you know better the characters of NFT collections.
It will give you the opportunity to continue the history of fictional characters, whereas the common users will be able to enjoy the content.
However, it’s not an end.

Now I’m going to tell you more about the Bone’s work:

1. Those teams that have launched NFT collection will be interviewed by the heads of our project: they are going to speak about the future of their characters, present the content plan, share already made solutions etc.
2. Teams and artists will be provided with money for the development of a pilot launch (for example, a TV series, cartoon, full-length cartoon, comic book, manga, podcast, show or any other project)
3. These works are put on the vote where anyone willing can leave their vote in form of cryptocurrency. Every month, the five best projects according to the results of voting go to the development of a full season. Every user that has given his money to a “winning team” gets NFT with the percentage that is calculated according to the importance of his vote in the voting.
4. The winners’ content will be posted on the streaming service “doghouse” (more detailed information is coming soon).
5. All money earned from the content broadcasting and merchandise selling are divided in by a ratio of 55%-35%-10%. 55% go to the team that has developed the content. 35% are divided among all the users that have given their crypto votes to this content during the voting. 10% are left for CorgiMood. Payments will be accomplished one time in two months.

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