ContraApesSociety 250 NFT Giveaway!

04/11/2022 12:00 am





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Good day!

We are the ContraApesSociety. We are the forgotten civilization in the metaverse. We have prosperous life until the apes took over. There are only 10,000 of us left. We are starting again from scratch, we formed the ContraApesSociety. Determined to take back what’s ours.

We are giving away 25 ContraApe NFTs every 1000 lists for a total of 250 ContraApes before we complete the listing of 10,000 ContraApes on Opensea. To qualify, you just need to join our discord server. Winners will immediately gain the role of GigaChad, second highest in the hierarchy.

Holders and community members will gain access to exclusive features of our project such as, airdrops of future collections, whitelists, giveaways, charities, games and competitions, and more to be announced. Join our discord channel for more information.

Be a Chad!
Be a ContraApe!

Join us!

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