ClashPets Game Pass Mint

05/27/2022 12:00 am





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We will be minting 10,000 Clashpets passes that will guarantee you 60+ NFT’s during the next 12 months as we roll out in-game mechanics. These passes allow you to receive an airdrop for upcoming in-game NFT Pets, PFP’s, Land, Farm Seeds, and Marketplace items. The idea behind this is that we will have a raffle allow list for 10,000 passes and holding the pass will allow you to receive airdrops without having to be active or interact in a gas war. Having a Genesis pass means you will receive 60+ NFT’s that will immerse you in our ecosystem without having to keep purchasing additional drops or mints to enjoy the game’s full experience. You can expect to receive 3 Pets, 1 PFP, 1 Watch, 1 Deed to a land parcel, many seeds for your farm, as well as marketplace items like potions and experience shares too! Pass holders can expect Alpha Access to game developments and new releases. Feel free to check out our Whitepaper to learn about the campaign story mode and more expansive details and what`s coming!

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