Cat People NFT Launch

cat people nft launch
03/02/2022 10:00 pm





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On the brink of an energy crisis on their home planet, the cat people voyaged out in all directions of the galaxy in search of the key to their salvation.
Earth was discovered, slowly recovering from the destruction left behind by nuclear wars fought by the humans.
As a result of the nuclear fallout, a species of fish had mutated over the course of generations and evolved to discharge unlimited amounts of electricity, capable of powering cities and empires.
This marked the beginning of a new age for the cat people. Will you be a part of the community and see what is next for Cat People?

The project is run by designers, 3D artists, branding experts, and animators. The team is looking to provide value to all our holders, creators, and community. Check out our website and litepaper to find out what utility looks like in our project.

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